Upgrades to our App

The creation of the rideshare industry has drastically and permanently changed the ground transportation business for everyone. Taxicab companies all across the United States are fighting for market share. Companies who are unwilling to change the way they do business are going bankrupt.

American United has been working hard over the past year to increase business and make more rides available to drivers associated with our company. In order to compete with other companies and provide the level of service customers expect, we have been adjusting to our business practices. Many of the changes put in place so far are already paying off.

The posting and zone changes we implemented lowered our overall response times for customers and increased daily ride counts for drivers. We are now picking up riders in an average 10-12 minutes compared to 20 minutes or more in the past. Drivers are receiving offers for fares 34% faster than before the changes.

Improvements in our dispatch room have us answering over 93% of calls coming into our cash-call line in less than 30 seconds.

Upgrades to our app, TAXIMKE have us doing 46% more app rides in the second quarter of this year than last year.

Many of you have done your part too by keeping your cabs clean and providing friendly, polite and respectful service to our customers. Thank you!

While we will continue to work on increasing the cash-call business, we are going to begin revamping procedures for providing service to our voucher rides.

Many of our customers are increasing the level of safety and security they require from their vendors. Keeping up with these new requirements will allow us to keep our current customers and help us get new ones.

Over the last few weeks, we have evaluated the service expectations and requirements from each of our customers and have separated each account into one of three categories.

House Account Service Levels are described as follows:

LEVEL 1. Eligible drivers must pass the criminal history background and driving record checks required by the City of Milwaukee to operate a taxicab. Vehicles must pass the initial and annual inspections required to obtain a license to operate as a taxicab.

LEVEL 2.  In addition to meeting the requirements listed in Level 1, drivers must pass a criminal background check and driving record check conducted by the company on an annual basis. Vehicles must have company-provided on board video cameras and pass a quarterly safety inspection conducted by the company.

LEVEL 3. In addition to meeting the requirements outlined in Levels 1 and 2, drivers must pass both annual and random drug screening tests. Vehicles must pass weekly safety and cleanliness inspections in addition to the quarterly inspection required in Level 2.

Attached to this memo is a list of current house accounts and the Service Level each account requires. Please look it over and decide what level of service you would like to apply to serve. Then complete the required forms and return to the office as soon as possible. We will review your request and notify you which accounts you are approved to service. In order to service house accounts you must comply with the minimum requirements outlined above.

Drivers who chose not to service charge accounts or who are not approved to service charge accounts by the company will only be eligible for cash/credit card rides.

Deadline to submit the attached paperwork is October 31, 2017.