We have made many exciting improvements to the TAXIMKE APP. For riders, the APP is much easier to use with a better mapping program. Riders now have an option to register a credit card on file and pay for rides automatically through the app. They can also use PROMO CODES for special events and discounts.

Drivers will notice that APP orders will now look a bit different. See the next page for screenshots and instructions. IF YOUR APP CUSTOMER AUTOMATICALLY PAYS THROUGH THE APP, YOU MUST WRITE A VOUCHER FOR THE RIDE AND INCLUDE THE FARE NUMBER ON IT. If your app customer pays in the cab, you do not have to write a voucher. App rides paid for in the cab do not get a PROMOCODE discount. The rider must pay you the full amount of the ride.

If the rider uses a PROMOCODE for a discount off the cost of the ride, you will be paid the full amount of the ride as long as you turn in a voucher. The company will pay for the discounted portion. Only app rides that pay automatically through the app can use a PROMOCODE.

Because of these improvements, our APP now works the same way as the Uber APP.  With TAXIMKE customers get all the convenience of a rideshare without the risk. Encourage your customers to download and use the TAXIMKE APP