Package Delivery Launched

Our first package delivery account is up and running. As we set up these new accounts, Paul is going out to the locations to help get a routine in place that is going to cut down on loading time for drivers and make sure the customers get the service they are expecting.

Please take a moment to review the rules for handling package delivery rides. We will be strictly enforcing these rules because this is an important new business opportunity for all of us.

  • Load and unload packages up to 20 pounds each. There may be more than one package per delivery but each package should not weigh more than 20 pounds.
  • Get out of the cab and go into the building to pick up or drop off the packages.
  • Complete any paperwork that may be required by the customer and return that paperwork to the taxi office within 24 hours of delivery.
  • Pick up the package(s) and immediately deliver them to the drop off point without taking any other stops along the way. This is extremely important. Customers are calling us because they want immediate delivery service. These are time sensitive deliveries.
  • Act and dress professionally. When you make deliveries, you will be representing not only our company but also the customer’s company we are delivering for. That means be respectful and friendly and wear clean clothes.
  • All package delivery accounts will be special flat rate rides. You will need to complete a voucher to be paid. You will receive the full amount with no charge-cashing fee. You must run your meter however because we need the GPS stamping at the pickup and drop off points for verification purposes.

The orders for package delivery rides are dispatched through the system like other rides. Pay attention to the instructions in the order and follow them closely. For example, if the order says go to the Will Call door for package then look for the sign that says Will Call and go there. Last week a driver stood in a retail line and wasted 15 minutes of his time because he did not go to the Will Call door. By the time, he finally got to the right pick up spot he was 20 minutes late. This driver is no longer approved for package delivery.

As we establish regular accounts for package deliveries, we will put together site maps and special instructions for those accounts. We appreciate everyone’s hard work and cooperation at making this new business model a success that we all will benefit from.